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Get to know yourself
Discover your strengths and weaknesses, and make better choices.


Get a little nudge
Go deep into yourself and come up with your own creative solutions to overcome all the setbacks and achieve more.


Unleash your potential
Develop yourself. Learning never stops. If you don’t move forward, you move backward.

Welcome to EIA

To help you live a happy and successful life.

Create a happy Life

Do you want to feel fulfilled and at peace? Your happiness matters to us. Our mission is to help you move beyond the "rat race" and find your own path.

Feel successful in life

Success is a cornerstone to happiness. We will help you challenge yourself and go beyond your comfort zone to achieve in all areas of your life.

To go beyond any financial, distance, and language limitations offering you the opportunity to grow by providing the following online services free of charge:

Self-assessment tools

We provide you with tools to know more about your strengths and weakness.

Coaching services

We give you the space to listen to your inner wisdon.

Training programs on soft skills

We help you sharpen your skills.

Hosting workshops, seminars and conferences

We come to meet, share and work with you.

Coaches & Trainers
Training Languages

Life changing courses

We offer you the best
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