Entrepreneurship for Life Coaches – part 2

This post is one of a series I am offering to coaches that are new to entrepreneurship and are setting up an online business for the first time.


Next step: Set Goals


The Importance of Goal Setting:


Now that you’ve visualized what you want; who you want to work with, what kind of business you’d like to have, and what type of services you’d like to offer, it’s time to put the ideas into action. Goals give you a direction to head in. They are things you want to achieve or accomplish. It’s good to remember, this is not an overnight activity. Building a business takes time, as do each of the steps in this process. Be patient and stick with it.


And revisit this exercise as things change and grow.


You can do it!


An endeavor like starting a business reflects how we operate in the world, what our value system is and how we define success. A good questions to ask yourself while developing your business is: how do I define success? When you have a better idea about what that means and how to know if you are being successful by your standards, then you will have a benchmark to compare against and a trajectory to aim for. Your life will reflect your work and your work will reflect your life. The goals you set for starting a business will impact other areas of your life, just as other parts of your life will affect your business. Having goals is another way to keep things in perspective, stay organized and help you make choices along the way.


Goal setting is critical for developing any type of business. Like a business plan, the goals you create are the road map and foundation for the development of your business.


To do this next exercise, look at the business plan you created in the first exercise. Let’s take those ideas a little further.


Tips to goal setting:


  1. Visualize the goals you want to achieve
  2. Write them down
  3. Create goals that are measurable and attainable
  4. Set attainable goals in all areas of your business – product, marketing, operations, start-up expenses, and business development
  5. Create a target deadline for the goal to be achieved
  6. Be sure and give yourself credit for what you are accomplishing.
  7. Be gentle with yourself about the things that you haven’t accomplished yet.


Some people use “models” as a formula to generate ideas and set goals. Below is a popular one, I’m sure you’ve heard of:


Example of a the “SMART” model to use for goal setting:







Written exercise:


Write out a sample goal sheet using the SMART model. Pick one area of your business you’d like to focus on. Write out the goals in that area based on the SMART model. Keep this close to your business plan, to refer to it and change it as needed. Now try it for other areas of your business.


Tip: practice positive self-talk daily!


Your affirmation checklist:


I am taking the steps needed to create my business.


I am patient. My business will grow and be successful!


I am flexible and open-minded.


I know what I what and how to get it.



RECOMMENDATION: If you find, after reading this, that you are stuck or just frustrated with your idea, or don’t’ know how to get started, you might want to think about hiring a Life Coach. I know, it’s yet another thing that costs money, but I’ll share something with you – surprisingly I have found it to be the one thing that has been invaluable in building the foundation and success of my business. My personal coaching is what has made my business successful. As a coach I have worked with many coaches to either help them turn their idea into a viable business or help them launch their business. I can offer you a working relationship where you gain insight, accountability and can develop your own strategies to build your business. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, even for a short time. You are your business!




Below is a list of resources I’ve used to help create my business. If you find this information helpful, try the next blog in the series.






Goals, how to get everything you want – -faster than you ever thought possible

Brian Tracy



Start your own coaching business: your step-by-step guide to success (start up series)



You can have what you want: proven strategies for inner and outer success

Michael Neill




How to develop a success mindset, Brian Tracy





Best sequence for starting an online coaching business:



How to start an online business: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/175242


The 4 Product levels of Coaching:



How to set goals for your business:



Setting and accomplishing your biggest goals:



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