Entrepreneurship for Life Coaches – part 4

This post is one of a series I am offering to coaches that are new to entrepreneurship and are setting up an online business for the first time.


Next Step: Keep coaching clients!


7 reasons why continuing to coach clients is so important while building your online business:


1.It’s a Good Way to Keep Your Skills Fresh:

Coaching keeps your skills fresh so you can stay on top of your game. It can be easy to lose sight of this when building a business, so work to find clients and keep coaching while you build your business. Also, for coaching skills to work, they have to be practiced -regularly. The ICF Core Competencies are action oriented standards, not just great ideas. The fact of the matter is that many of us need the ongoing practice. You gain expertise with time, training, lots of practice and determination.


  1. It’s good for Branding:

It’s necessary for building your brand and your coaching identity. Imagine if you had to say to a potential client “Yes I an effective coach and I have a great website but I haven’t coached in 6 months” vs. “I have a successful business and coach clients regularly”. Ask yourself:  what is the impression I want to leave with prospective clients? One of value, success and curiosity or one of ambivalence and doubt?


  1. It’s Important for Building Experience:

Keep client coaching as the #1 goal on your list. It helps you gain valuable hands-on experience to build a better coaching practice and better business. As you learn what works and want doesn’t you can improve your coaching and your practice. Maybe doing speaking engagements at 9am and then coaching clients from 9pm-midnight isn’t a good schedule for you. Or maybe it is. You’ll only find out by trying things out.


  1. It keeps you in Action:

Coaching keeps you in action – yes that thing we as coaches tell clients they should do! Are you just an advice giver or do you practice what you preach?


  1. Coaching is Inspiring:

The process of coaching can be inspiring and motivating for coaches as well as clients. There are lots of benefits for coaches when they coach clients, like gaining insight, building confidence and idea generation for business expansion. It also feels good to actually help another human being. Being in action keeps you fluid in your business model. Not to mention increases the possibility of referrals from clients that have had an amazing coaching experience with you! And that is a great networking tool you can develop as you coach more clients.


  1. It Helps with Work/Life Balance:

This is which is vitally important for new entrepreneurs. You’re starting an online business. That’s a huge endeavor, so pacing is important. This is not an overnight thing. It can be easy to fall into the routine of spending hours every day sitting at your computer to develop your business while moving away from coaching clients. Keep your eye on the end game: Coaching.  When that busy start-up schedule gets interrupted to coach clients, it’s a good reality check and reminder that the priority is really coaching; you are there to be of service to others. And it’s a gentle reminder that you have a life outside of starting a business. Keep a good eating habits, a consistent exercise schedule and regular sleep schedule to your energy and focus is at its optimum.  Keep your hobbies and interests, and get out socially. Networking is a great way to take breaks from the business development aspect and also connect with others. This can be especially true for those of us that are more on the introverted side and like to be alone. Balance will only bring success to your business. I know it can often feel like there is so much to do and not enough time, but I can tell you that the time will be there for you when you return to it.


  1. It’s good for Coaches to be the Coachee:

It’s vitally important as coaches that we not only have industry knowledge and skills training to coach others but also the experience of the coaching process for ourselves. It’s good for us to have experiential knowledge of what it feels like to be a client, how good it feels to achieve our own goals, experience what it’s like to be vulnerable with a total stranger, how important it is to have ongoing support, and how beneficial the coaching process can be for both client and coach. The experience of being coaches, especially on an ongoing basis will be become imbedded in your experience and identity. Having your own coach or mentor will lead you and your clients towards success!






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