Our Mission

To help people live a happy and successful life

Our Vision

To go beyond any financial, distance, and language limitations offering people the opportunity to grow by providing the following online services free of charge:
Self-assessment tools
Training programs on soft skills
Coaching services
Hosting workshops, seminars and conferences

Our Board Members

Excellentia International Academy offers a life changing experience

Excellentia International Academy offers a life changing experience

It takes you through a holistic self-development process that starts with self-assessment and then goes deeper through training classes and coaching sessions
It is genuine

It is genuine

It is a volunteer-based project. The people behind it crystallize several high-profile qualities: Knowledge, experience and especially the determination to serve their clients the best way. Therefore, quality is guaranteed.
It is free

It is free

All you have to do is sign up, get started and enjoy services free of charge.
It is flexible

It is flexible

You can choose your training program to best fit your needs. You can choose which trainer or coach to work with. Further, it is multilingual. Training is available in the following languages:
– English
– Arabic
– French.
In addition to the above languages, coaching is available in German and Russian.

Board of Directors

Katherine Koplov, Canada

English Training Program Coordinator

Professional coach, facilitator & mentor in the School of Professional Coaching, KREDO Int. BSc in Psychology & ...

Kais Gannouni, Tunisia

French Training Program Coordinator

Consultant, trainer and coach for over 18 years in many international companies and NGO’s. Coaching niche: Leadership/Executive ...

​Ramona Hinrichs, USA

Coaching Coordinator

Professional relashionship coach, facilitator and trainer. Last 2 years practicing coaching of Single Parents and Blended Families. ...

Simon Lampkin, Trinidad and Tobago

Community Manager

Professional in the financial services industry with over 25 years of experience. Facilitator, mentor and coach specializing ...
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