Actions Speak Louder than words

  Visualise a picture of someone you don’t know and are seeing for the first time, if I were to tell you to study it and tell me what you think about the person what is the first thing that will come to your mind?   It could be cheerful or gloomy, lazy or energetic, self-assured […]

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Any successful relationship needs trust. You simply cannot function as a couple if you do not trust each other. Without trust your relationship does not feel safe. When we don’t feel safe, we tend to go into survival mode. We are not our best selves in survival mode. We feel stressed, we are reactive, and […]

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Mutual respect is a key ingredient to a trusting relationship. A lack of respect can make your relationship feel unsafe and scary. It may be difficult to be open and vulnerable with someone by whom you feel disrespected.   What are some examples of disrespect? Insulting or calling your partner names Demeaning your partner Ignoring […]

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