What is an ACC?

Elite professional coaches are certified by an accredited school.
Not all coaches need a coaching credential, but we know for sure that coaches need certification.
EIA offers you the ECC program (Excellentia Certified Coach).
Earning the ECC Coaching certificate gives you the opportunity to become a certified coach and because it is aligned with ICF requirements you will be eligible to apply for your ACC.
The International Coaching Federation (ICF) offers three credentials: Associate (ACC), Professional (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC).
The ECC program includes ACSTH (Accredited Certified Specific Training Hours).
The ACSTH pathway is a flexible way to reach your ACC certification.
Our program is composed of 70 live hours of specific coaching hours, including 10 hours of mentor coaching done by a certified mentor coach.
We will support you in your 100 hours coaching experience to meet the ICF requirement.
Also included is a free webinar on the coaching industry and training industry.

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