Family & Relationships Coaching

If you build a happy family and succeed in your relationships, this is the best coaching for you. All you have to do is select a coach from the list below and schedule 3 coaching sessions.

What we hold ourselves accountable to is: 3 free coaching session with the same coaching according to his/her availability. Sessions usually run 30-60 min 1-2x per week.

You can get this unique opportunity of 3 free sessions by simply clicking on the social media link that will show up while are booking.

Partner with us to uphold the values of learning, growth and contribution.

Please note:

Check the language preference of each coach before selecting one.

Coaches & Availabilities

Ramona Hinrichs – USA

Professional relashionship coach, facilitator and trainer. Last 2 years practicing coaching of Single Parents and Blended Families. Associate degree in Social Sciences

Language of coaching: English and German

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